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Story Of Arsinoe II

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Arsinoe II, born in 316 B.C.E.

She Is the daughter of Ptolemy I Soter and Berenice I, She was the youngest of 4 children, her other siblings included Ptolemy II, Philotera, and Argaios.  Her life as a female Hellenistic power house began early at the age of 15 with her marriage to Lysimachus.
She was married to Lysimachus, the king of Thrace about 300B.C in her 15th year and she gave birth to three sons “Ptolemy, Ausemachus and Philip also to ensure the throne for her children, she ordered to poison her husband’s eldest son .And after the death of Lysimachus in the battle which was in 281B.C,she married her half-brother.

Arsinoe II married her half-brother Ptolemy Keraunos at an unknown date. This was purely based on two people who were hungry for power. Arsinoe was able to rule jointly with Keraunos over the territory that use to be Lysimachus’ after the death of Seleucus. Arsinoe began to believe that her husband was trying to overshadow her and gain more power so she began to conspire to have him assassinated. Keraunos found about her plans and had her 2 sons, Lysimachus and Philip, murdered. Arsinoe fled and eventually ended up in Egypt. Shortly after she left Keraunos was over taken and killed by Gaulic invaders.
Ptolemy Keraunos who was the son of Ptolemy I from his first wife Eurydice  and this marriage was for political reasons as both of them claimed to inherit the throne of Macedonia and Thrace for himself. Ptolemy Keraunos killed two of Arsinoe sons who were given birth from Lysimachus “Ausemachus and Philip”, but the eldest one succeeded to flee towards the north.
After Arsinoe II ended up in Egypt she spread rumors and managed to have her brother, Ptolemy II, banish his wife Arsinoe I. After her banishment Ptolemy II and Arsinoe II married and took the name Philadelphus, sibling-lovers. Arsinoe’s father Ptolemy I had claimed the family descended from Zeus through his son Heracles. This propaganda helped to correlate Ptolemy II and Arsinoe II with Zeus and Hera as sibling rulers. Any decisions that were to be made about the kingdom was done by both of them together. This is partly due to the idea that Arsinoe was not only Ptolemy II’s wife but also his older sister and the idea that you must listen to your older siblings was extant in the Egyptian world. Arsinoe was able to have dealings in court protocol as well as the affairs of the state. Because of her other two marriages she was able to deal with foreign affairs as well. Ptolemy II gave the Fayuum region to Arsinoe to rule over. The Greeks attribute her actions to events leading to the Chremonidean War, even though it took place after her death. Arsinoe had convinced Ptolemy II to co-rule with her remaining son and join the Chremonidean Alliance against Antigonus II Gonatas. She also influenced an alliance with Athens and Sparta. The couple never had children of their own but they both had children from previous marriages that were able to be heirs to the throne. The circumstances surrounding Arsinoe’s death are unknown but she passed away in 270 B.C.E. only 7 years after her marriage to Ptolemy II.