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The American Statue of Liberty Or the Egyptian!!!

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It is so difficult when you find that who knows “Liberty Lady” which was known as “the statue of Liberty “in America, it is in fact an Egyptian peasant where the famous French sculptor “Frederic August Bartholdi” who sculptured “the statue of Liberty” brought its idea from the Egyptian monuments and this was during his trip to the Egyptian city “Luxor “in 1855A.D as he was deeply impressed by the ancient Egyptian monuments and it was called “Granite Creatures with fixed dignity” by him also he noticed how her eyes were fixed on boundless future and then the sculptor decided to immortalize the name of Egypt by carving a statue of Egyptian peasant carrying the torch of freedom to up.

It was decided that the name of the statue to be “Egypt bringing light to Asia” besides being double the height of the sphinx “125”meters almost to guard the maritime entrance to the most important and the main crossing point in the world “Suez Canal “as well as to be a lighthouse at the same time and in the same is said that Bartholdi returned to Egypt on17th of November,1869 with special drafts containing the design of the statue to be coincided with the opening date of Suez Canal and he showed it to Khedive Ismail Pasha as an alternative project of the statue of Ferdinand De Lesseps project whose idea was to dig the canal in order to come as a symbol of freedom of navigation as well as friendship among the people with words saying “Egypt is the lighthouse of Asia” on its base ,but Khedive Ismail was astonished with its high costs under an empty treasury in addition to there wasn’t enough money to pay more than 600,000$ for the cost of the statue and its base because of what has been paid to dig the canal and its opening ceremony consequently the finance of Liberty Statue project was rejected.

However, Bartholdi did not give up and he suggested such project to the French government to present the statue as a gift to one of her friend countries then it was agreed to present it to a country which opened her arms to all the oppressed and the migrants in the world, it was “The United States of America” and this what made America more suitable than others besides it was ready to celebrate the centenary of the publication of the Document of Independence from Britain signed by the founding fathers on the 4thof July 1876 and the French contributed in its victory during the civil war .Thus the statue was erected in 1886 on a tiny island “the island of Liberty ” in front of New York harbor so that to be the first thing which the migrants see to be a symbol of freedom ,independence and starting new life while the base of the statue was designed by the French architecture “Gustave Eiffel “who built “Eiffel Tower in Paris so that its length with the pedestal is 93 m with the possibility of being ascending to the head of the statue and looking from the crown by tourists.

So Egypt lost its chance to own the most famous statue in recent era “Statue of Liberty” after having the most famous statue “Sphinx” in the ancient ages and what really matters that the statue went out from its original nationality which is Egyptian and it became a symbol of freedom slogans, democracy and the Liberal thought in the entire world.